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The Wrong Focus when Selling Cannabis Products Will Cost You

August 22, 2019 News Shopping 0

The “easy way” being used right now in many retail cannabis sales venues is to train young, not-so-experienced, new cannabis employees to focus on selling the cannabis products. The “easy way” is not the “best way” to go. From the viewpoint of the cannabis consumer, the “easy way” used to attempt to sell cannabis products can be a complete disservice that ruins what otherwise should be a positive outcome for consumers. Time to find out what approach truly is best for everyone.

I heard in person while I was attending Las Vegas cannabis education events how new cannabis employees are urged to jump quickly into selling the cannabis products. One actual recommended opening line was this gem:

“Hello, welcome here. Can I interest you in flower or edibles today?”

That opening line is too rushed and will make you sound unprofessional if that’s how your start off with a customer. You don’t want to use that kind of opening line if you expect to keep your cannabis sales job for more than a year or two.

Think before you speak: Many people may hear you say the word flower and they might logically perceive that you are saying the word flour. This is no exaggeration! The words sound exactly alike when spoken aloud.
I actually heard this in one Las Vegas cannabis education event: A consumer went home after visiting a local dispensary and went straight to the kitchen believing they heard it was recommended to mix flour used to bake biscuits or cakes together with dry cannabis plant. A big mistake!! A preventable mistake.

Don’t tell someone in your cannabis sales encounter about using flower. Just don’t do that.

That word is quite simply the wrong word to use! That word when spoken aloud is unclear to anyone who is unfamiliar with the typical buzzwords used throughout the cannabis industry today. You always want to use words that are understandable immediately to EVERYONE. If you use the typical buzzwords used throughout the cannabis industry today, you are inviting your customer to turn their back on you and walk out the door quickly.

Do you want to dab today? How about trying a preroll? Maybe you prefer kief?

Your customer will say: “I’m outta here! This ‘stoner talk’ makes no sense to me!”

Don’t use what some customers consider to be stoner-talk. Be real. Be genuine. Build rapport with customers rather than chasing them off with unprofessional word choices!


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