Stop Cannabis Exploiters

Commentary by Dr. Woody Goulart (Las Vegas, Nevada) — I wrote this because I am a grownup cannabis user with experience that brought me strong opinions about the cannabis sector in the United States. This commentary to reveal little-known strategies and tactics that you can use to stop exploiters when you go shopping for legal cannabis.
You may be lucky. You may never encounter anyone who attempts to exploit you in the cannabis sector. This commentary is for everybody else.

This commentary is part of a marijuana education network I created and launched for Americans who are living where cannabis products can be purchased legally. My goal is to help adults of legal age feel confident should they choose to start using cannabis products to reduce pain and ease suffering and to bring some fun and enjoyment into your life.

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You will discover personal admissions from me along with sincere, heartfelt recommendations to help guide you in a sensible direction regarding your use of cannabis products.  I believe there is no reason to feel lost as you approach the subject of using legal cannabis products whether you consider that usage to be “medical” versus “recreational.”

I use marijuana products today that are legal in the state of Nevada. I’m experienced with using CBD as an oral spray, in pill and capsule form, in gummies, in vaping, and in cream and lotion form rubbed into my skin for relieving my everyday aches and pains.

As a Nevada resident I hold my state’s Marijuana Establishment Agent Card. I also hold a current Nevada Medical Marijuana Card.

No matter how many birthdays you’ve celebrated, you can benefit from careful use of certain cannabis products.

The current consumer experience of legally buying cannabis products in the United States requires you to sort through competing and conflicting regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. The different laws pertaining to legal cannabis sales can confuse anyone except perhaps lawyers.

This commentary is for those of us who are not lawyers. The perspectives and advice contained here will help you go on defense specifically to protect yourself against those who may be cannabis exploiters.

Who potentially is doing cannabis exploiting today? Here is a simple definition:

Cannabis Exploiters – What can happen within current cannabis regulations when someone (either an individual or a group) motivated by financial gain uses the power of their specialized information to take advantage of a cannabis consumer during a sales or customer service interaction.

This commentary has the goal of revealing little-known strategies and tactics that can work to guard and defend you against anyone who may be behaving as an exploiter in the cannabis sector.

Watch Out for the Built-in Imbalance of Power

People that own or manage legal cannabis sales venues across the United States today have a built-in power over their own employees and over cannabis consumers alike. Simply put, the core power which legal cannabis sales venue owners or managers have comes from what they know compared to what their own employees or cannabis customers know.

Knowledge is power. You’ve heard that many times.

There is a built-in imbalance of power that works to your disadvantage compared to the advantage people have who own or manage legal cannabis sales venues in the United States. You could be exploited because of the fact that others know more about cannabis and about the business of legal cannabis sales you do.

Whenever owners or managers of legal cannabis sales venues have such a built-in imbalance of power, this reality is neither illegal nor suspicious behavior at all. This is their standard operating method: If they expect to succeed in business, owners or managers of legal cannabis sales venues must possess more knowledge about legal cannabis sales than their own employees or their customers.

There are intricate and complicated processes and procedures in place today in the cannabis sector and a wide range of regulations at the state and/or local level. Owners and managers want to preserve and maintain their very specialized knowledge about legal cannabis sales. This is key to staying in business. It is precisely why they may have attained an imbalance of power over their own employees and their customers.

Not Like Other Businesses

Here’s one clear-cut example of how this works:  Legal cannabis sales in the United States today is not regulated in ways that align with how prescription medications are sold to consumers at pharmacies.

The Food and Drug Administration is one particular agency of the United States federal government that years ago was given jurisdiction over what particular prescription medications can or cannot be sold to consumers at pharmacies (either through retail sales venues or via direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical product delivery services.) Whenever you purchase prescription medications in the United States at a registered pharmacy, you can rest assured that the FDA regulates your ability to buy the meds and thereby offers you the impression that you are “protected” from harm whenever you buy prescription meds.

In contrast, certain cannabis products have medicinal value for patients today and are legally are sold in selected United States venues depending upon state and/or local regulations. Yet there is no federal regulation in place that you may perceive serve to “protect” you from harm whenever you buy legal cannabis products.

Specifically, the FDA does not regulate cannabis sales. More to the point, the Drug Enforcement Administration, another agency of the United States federal government, long ago decreed that cannabis is illegal as far as the federal government is concerned.

When you walk into a local pharmacy to buy your meds, usually you won’t spend one second stopping and thinking about drug regulations. A deep and longstanding regulatory infrastructure is in place whether you think about it or not.

When you walk into a local legal cannabis sales venue to buy products that can alleviate patient pain and suffering, you have no benefit from any longstanding regulatory infrastructure.

Why You Know Less Than Others

The cannabis sector is new, especially compared to longstanding and established American businesses in other sectors. What serves the financial interests of cannabis sector owners and managers (that is to say, what helps them persuade you to part with your money to purchase legal cannabis products from them) is that you know less than they know about legalities and processes behind today’s legalized cannabis sales.

Since in this instance knowledge definitely and certainly is power, the built-in imbalance of power held by owners and managers of legal cannabis sales venues simply is one very natural outcome that have grown directly from the absence of a standardized federal regulatory infrastructure for cannabis sales in the United States. This relatively new sector shows signs of a different kind of consumer awareness and behavior compared to other sectors. 

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