Angry, Closed-Minded Las Vegas Residents Oppose New Cannabis Dispensary


City of Las Vegas Ward 2 residents (like me) had the opportunity to attend a town hall meeting (sign in to see the local private social network coverage) on Wednesday, October 30 to discuss a proposed new cannabis dispensary at 9140 West Sahara. Things did not go well at all. The meeting was merely a chance to spend time with angry, closed-minded Las Vegas residents who oppose the new cannabis dispensary.

Based on where I live within the city limits of Las Vegas, I’m a resident of Ward 2 where Victoria Seaman is our elected city councilor; I’m registered to vote and take that responsibility seriously; I’m also a Nevada Medical Marijuana card holder. I frequently shop at what I think of as “two cannabis dispensaries already on West Sahara” — one at West Sahara at Buffalo; the other at West Sahara at Rainbow. Both are outside the Las Vegas city limits and therefore subject to slightly different rules and regulations.

I believe amateurish meeting moderation lost control of this town hall. Others who also attended this meeting posted on the private social network ( about the crowd being primarily opponents. There was annoyingly rude and inconsiderate shouting back and forth from citizens speaking to citizens in the seats trying to listen. This was 100% preventable if only there had been professional meeting moderation and a microphone/speaker system that actually worked.

Except that this one would be inside the city limits, the proposed 9140 West Sahara location would in the grand scheme of things in the Las Vegas Valley be little more than “just another cannabis dispensary on West Sahara.” Anyone who is opposed to cannabis in the Las Vegas Valley has a right to believe as they choose. But those who spoke in opposition at the West Sahara library on Wed-Oct 30 merely succeeded in echoing so many standard and well-worn stereotypical anti-cannabis talking points.

It’s not possible in the logistical or moral sense to safeguard or protect any neighborhoods around the intersection of Fort Apache and West Sahara from users of cannabis by stopping this one dispensary from being opened at 9140 West Sahara. This is reality because cannabis products are already legally delivered conveniently to residences from dispensaries all across the Las Vegas Valley.

A podcast digs deep into the City of Las Vegas government’s disapproval on February 5, 2020 of a for-profit company’s proposal to open a marijuana dispensary within the city limits. The proposed location was within the City of Las Vegas Ward 2 adjacent to a master-planned community known as Summerlin where some of the most expensive single-family homes in the Las Vegas Valley are located. Residents who live in that affluent residential section of the City of Las Vegas largely took a “not-in-my-backyard” stance in their opposition to the opening of a marijuana dispensary within a small shopping center at the intersection of West Sahara Avenue and South Fort Apache Road. The proposing company made what turned out to be self-destructive choices while attempting to win approval from the public and from City of Las Vegas government officials.

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