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Cannabis Learning for Grownups

A subject matter expert presents free cannabis learning for adults who are age 50 plus. This features guidance for informed usage of today’s cannabis products to relieve pain and reduce physical and emotional suffering.

Someone Who is Much Like You

Consider taking advantage of free cannabis learning for people age 50 plus offered by certified professional coach and trainer, Woody Goulart (pictured).
Dr. Woody is of the Baby Boom generation—born in the middle of the 20th century so he is above age 65—and he uses marijuana products today in Nevada. He’s not a youngster trying to adapt to older consumers. He is someone who is much like you at age 50 and up. He’s experienced with using CBD under the tongue, in pill and capsule form, in vaping, and also in cream and lotion form rubbed into skin for relieving pain.
As a young adult during the 1970s, Woody first experienced cannabis when he lived in the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States (Northern California’s Emerald Triangle.) He learned through experience about classic methods of cannabis consumption—smoking joints, using bongs, and in edible form in cookies and brownies. He also has current 21st century experience with today’s contemporary mixtures of CBD + THC, in particular products intended for relieving chronic pain and smoothing out other natural physical and mental outcomes that happen to all of us as we grow older.
He earned his doctoral degree in communications from Indiana University Bloomington. That’s why he is called Dr. Woody.
He also earned his master’s degree in communications from Humboldt State University.
He’s got years of professional experience teaching and training adults at the university level online and in classrooms. He holds a current Nevada Marijuana Agent Card and a current Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Card.
He’s completed a variety of essential educational and skill-building training: Dispensary Staff & Patient Consulting training in Las Vegas and the Nevada Dispensary Association’s Dispensary Agent Training to comply with Nevada NRS 453 cannabis training and employment requirements. He’s also earned certification within Budtender Fight Club Las Vegas Cannabis Education Training.

Ideal for Grownups Age 50 Plus

Dr. Woody presents free cannabis learning sessions in Las Vegas. These public events are offered at no cost to you from the perspective of someone who is much like you. He knows from personal experience what you feel in terms of day-to-day pains as well as physical and emotional suffering related to growing older.

Reach out by sending an email today to envy@buzznv.vegas to learn about the 2020 schedule of free Las Vegas cannabis learning sessions for adults age 50 plus.


Free 2020 Video Learning Session

Don’t want to wait for the free public cannabis learning sessions? You can jump into cannabis learning from Dr. Woody right now by watching the free online video of the learning session (about 30 minutes.) Go to Medicine Plant Network to view this online presentation. No purchase necessary. No obligation.