Buying Tips & Tactics

* * * Shopping for cannabis products should be fun and enjoyable. It is quite possible, however, for anyone to get confused and frustrated while shopping for cannabis products. That’s why this cannabis consumer information and education service is here, free of charge, to help you.


If you have not already done so, you should take advantage of FREE COACHING: CANNABIS USAGE TIPS & TACTICS provided on any device by Dr.Woody Goulart.

No matter where you live in the U.S., your shopping for cannabis should always start by visiting  WEEDMAPS online. There you can quickly look up what is best for you in your local area. This website will help point you in the correct direction when you are shopping for cannabis products. It provides information about retail outlets, businesses supporting the cannabis industry, and, suggestions for getting credible medical advice.

Online shopping is convenient but does not give you access to everything available for purchase in the cannabis industry. The best start is for you to go in person into a local retail outlet to purchase cannabis products to talk face-to-face with the people who work there. Making a cannabis product purchase and having it shipped to you is not available everywhere in the U.S. and where available it is subject to restrictions that greatly limit your purchasing choices.

Legal shopping for cannabis should be easy, but it is not. Why? Today in the United States we have many different (and sometimes conflicting) regulations at the local, state, and federal levels of government.
In 2020 that’s the honest truth we simply cannot avoid.
Do not buy cannabis outside the legal system in the U.S. on the black market no matter what. Doing that is very risky: You could be locked up if you are convicted.

This Buying Tips & Tactics guide at BUZZ NV VEGAS is free for you to use any time you wish.
New content is added very often to keep things fresh and interesting. Spending time here will results in rewards for you.
The main outcome you can expect is an increased awareness of how you can improve your shopping experience when purchasing legal cannabis products.


3-Letter Terms

 There really are only a couple of essential cannabis industry terms that you need to know and use.


These 3 letters stand for cannabidiol.


These 3 letters stand for tetrahydrocannabinol.
CBD and THC are abbreviations for established names of chemical entities in cannabis plants. CBD is widely available in a huge number of cannabis products across the United States in 2020.
THC is the chemical element famously known for giving a buzz and/or making you feel intoxicated or “high.” THC is heavily restricted by federal law in 2020 which limits where cannabis products containing THC can be purchased legally.
CBD and THC frequently are blended together in the manufacturing of retail cannabis products. This results in a synergy of medicinal outcomes that are not available to you if you were to use only CBD alone or only THC alone.
This synergy involving CBD plus THC is often called “the entourage effect.” Be aware of the legal reality for you: Unless you live somewhere that permits the legal sales of cannabis products containing THC, you will NOT be able to take advantage of the synergy involving CBD plus THC.



Effect-Based Shopping for Legal Cannabis Products

Here is what Dr. Woody Goulart says about shopping for legal cannabis products based on what type of effect you are seeking:
** If you shop for legal cannabis products while thinking about what kind of effect you want, you are among the most savvy of all cannabis consumers.
** You only need to consider TWO effects: (1) Getting buzzed or feeling high, or, (2) Getting relief, calmed down, relaxed, and reducing/controlling pain.
** THC is the element in cannabis products that can get you buzzed and cause you to feel high.
** In contrast to THC, it is not possible for CBD to get you buzzed or cause you to feel high.

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