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Hello and welcome to this specialized and targeted cannabis sales and customer service coaching and training provided to safeguard your career in the cannabis industry.
What you will find here is a free, no obligation preview of sales and customer service tactics training and coaching. You might want to consider the option of personalized one-to-one training and coaching to boost your career and safeguard your ability to work for many years in the cannabis industry. 

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Dr. Woody Goulart


I'm Dr. Woody Goulart in Las Vegas, Nevada, your professional coach for your personal life and your work life.

I'll be with you every step of the way as you move through this learning experience. For a quick look at my background and reputation see the bottom of this web page where you can download the pdf named Introducing Dr Woody Goulart, your coach.

Understanding why cannabis is desirable

If you wanted to be a successful car salesperson, you would start out learning why your potential customers want to buy what you're selling and then adapt your sales efforts to their reasons to buy.  Cars are made by human beings for many purposes. Cars are for transportation. That's the starting point. But there is much more to know. Cars are also for creating fun experiences while on the road. Cars are for expressing your personality. Cars assist you in making a living. And so on.

There always is more just below the surface when you look at why potential customers desire to buy a particular thing.

The primary reason why cannabis products are desirable is because they bring people pleasure. That's the starting point.  A powerful behavioral drive in all human beings is the seeking and attaining of pleasure.

The allure of cannabis also can best be appreciated when you realize that cannabis readily produces very quick pain relief in people.  Another essential drive all human beings have is the avoidance and control of pain.

With this essential core combination of producing pleasure while bringing very quick pain relief, it should not be difficult for anyone to understand the powerful desirability of cannabis.

Some people mistakenly conclude that because cannabis products are all about bringing pleasure and reducing pain, working in the cannabis industry accomplishes exactly those two outcomes. You may have fun working in the cannabis industry. You may not. Working in the cannabis industry is not easy.

I want you to think about this: You will fail if you try to rely primarily upon selling the product or the benefits of products.  You need to do better than that if you intend to succeed in selling cannabis products face-to-face with customers. 

A focus upon emotions (not products or product benefits) is the best way to succeed in selling cannabis products at retail businesses.


How You Use Your Mind

I learned from many years of professional experience in sales that doing better than others in sales always starts in our minds. This sales skills coaching and training shows you in step-by-step detail how you can improve the use of your own mind as the essential starting point to achieving professional success in face-to-face cannabis product sales.

Those who do better than others in sales know how to use their minds correctly. Such people also are worthy of our respect because they are masters of their own emotions. In addition, they have taken training to master strategies and tactics of communication in face-to-face sales to customers. Lastly, they fully understand the need to relate to and create rapport with each specific generation of customers rather than merely reciting one memorized script intended to work for all customers of all generations.

But don't just take my word for it, take a look at reports dispensary customers have submitted that show how poorly their experiences with cannabis salespeople turned out.

Let's first look at how you use your mind...

My particular type of coaching and training may be different from what you find elsewhere. I say this because I learned from my own personal and professional experiences that successful salespeople become that way through using their minds correctly. I hope you will watch the short video (under 4 minutes) in which I explain to you in my own voice.

We all can find many things written about the concept of the mind and developing mental strength for greater success. For instance, we've heard about the law of attraction, mastering the mind, and developing good habits to last a lifetime. Yet actually developing these practices consistently over time can be very difficult.

The first step in understanding the mind is to realize that your thoughts are what determines your everyday experiences. This is the basic premise of all spiritual texts and esoteric schools of thought. It is also reflected in many scientific spheres such as quantum mechanics.

People have certain thought patterns that they picked up from the wider society, from their parents, from groups and organizations etc. They then project these thought patterns onto their surroundings. And they then mistakenly believe that their own projections and interpretations are the ‘truth’. But the truth is different for everybody, depending on their particular thoughts. This is why here is so much diversity in the world today.

 A core component of spiritual growth is found in the removal of all of the thought patterns that we have picked up when we were young. These were just programmed into us. When we learn to remove and reinstall different thoughts and beliefs is when we start to come into our true autonomy as masters over our minds.

People who do not understand the power of their own minds are largely clueless and usually unhappy and sad. They do not allow themselves to see that they are  conscious creators of their own reality. They will consistently find fault with the world and ask why it is so difficult to contend with. Understanding the power of thoughts is the first step to personal mastery.

Introducing the concept of "Mind Voice"

You can very easily find numerous perfectly good words and phrases to describe what I'm explaining here. I prefer to use this simple phrase, mind voice.

The inner you powers the outer you. This is an essential trait you may never have realized you already have inside of you.

I have learned many life lessons that guide me today in my professional coaching. I offer people ways to make time work for you each day here in the present instead of worrying that time is running away from you too fast nowadays.

I offer you mastery of  your particular  mind voice. It all starts within you. It all starts in your own head.

New ways for today

I coach people to switch from standard ways of thinking about what life is supposed to be. Many people see what their grandparents did in life and also see what their parents did in life. One very natural outcome is that many people become exactly (or mostly) like their grandparents and their parents.

We start thinking that what we see around us is how life should be. That is not a smart way to think. I'm telling you that anyone can change how they see life around them and turn their life into a much happier experience than it is for them right now.

For example, many people invest years of time going through an education system. Many get a high school diploma. Then, many go into the world of work after high school and continue on growing older. Some get further education in a college or university. Others go directly to a life of working 9 to 5. To a lot of people in the United States, this outcome is what they consider to be "normal" in this life.

They are wrong. Completely incorrect.

The first new skill you can build

My goal here today is to help you build a new skill that's the first step to empowering yourself to become successful in cannabis sales and customer service to consumers.

How you picture the way your life is going, and, how you picture the way your life will go are both crucially important. The life that you picture in your mind and the words that you say to yourself in your head make all the difference in your happiness each day that you are alive.

The first new skill is controlling your own mind. I am going to show you how the words and pictures you keep in your mind keep you feeling good about your life experiences.

Controlling your own mind starts when you discover one basic fact: You can add a new skill for yourself. You can picture your life working for you rather than against you.

The simple trick in this is to control what you picture in your mind each day and what words you say to yourself in your head each day to attract happiness in your life and ward off unhappiness.

You certainly do not need medication to accomplish control over your life. You also do not need magic or prayer or beliefs about a higher power out there somewhere.

I coach people how to get and maintain control over their own minds. The most direct and quickest way is what I call your mind voice. Everyone already has a mind voice whether they recognize it as such or not. Watch this short video (under 4 minutes running time) for a fast overview of mind voice and how this works inside your head:

Emotion Skills

Know who you are

It's vital that you "know yourself on the inside," so to speak, if you intend to be successful in cannabis product sales and customer service. This knowledge is free for you, but you need to do some work to attain this knowledge.

No matter what type of person you may choose to convey outwardly every day, who you are for real on the inside matters more.

You should examine yourself on the inside privately and don't let anyone else know what you're doing. You should be brutally honest about yourself and do not let anyone else's opinions influence your level of brutal honesty.

Here are human skills you want to identify within yourself (or develop them if you don't already have them):

  • Are you a savvy person? 
  • Can you consistently make shrewd choices and decisions?
  • Are you astute and arrive at well-thought-out judgments?
  • Do you know how to modify or adapt what you say to others to be convincing?
  • Can you hold in your mind multiple truths even though some may be contradictory?

The answers you have for those 5 questions indicate your skill levels that lead directly to your interpersonal performance in face-to-face sales situations with customers.

That interpersonal performance is the key to starting the process correctly to improve yourself so you'll turn out to be the best possible cannabis sales professional.

Check your EQ level

Every person's Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a measure of how skillful they are at using their emotions. You may not have heard of EQ as compared to having heard of Intelligence Quotient (IQ), the measure of a person's cognitive skills.

EQ defines a person's ability to get along in the cold, cruel world with others. A person who has a suitable EQ level can do every one of these actions to varying degrees in real life:

  • Think about their own feelings
  • Pause--stop and think before taking action
  • Strive to control their own thoughts
  • Benefit from criticism
  • Show authenticity
  • Demonstrate awareness/understanding of someone else's feelings
  • Praise others
  • Give helpful feedback
  • Apologize to others and mean it
  • Forgive and forget
  • Keep commitments
  • Help others
  • Protect themself from emotional sabotage


EQ can be more important to business success than IQ

Simply defined, people who demonstrate a decent EQ level are considered smart in their awareness of feelings--both their own and other peoples’ feelings. This by definition also includes knowledge of how to control feelings--starting with one's own first, and then moving on to consider how a person might make an impact upon other peoples' feelings.

Everyone either has sufficient EQ or they do not. This is an internal trait that is not necessarily visible out in the real world. Yet, the impact of someone with insufficient EQ is always as as visible as the sun at noon on a clear day during summertime.

Anyone who does not care to stop and consider their own EQ has no need to seek the services of a professional life coach or business skills coach and trainer.

Increasing Your EQ 

How does one attain sufficient emotional intelligence? The very annoying answer is this: Some people just are born with this capacity while others will need to make considerable effort to develop it. Others in life (for whatever reasons) choose not to care whether they demonstrate this capacity. You will want to steer clear of them!

The truth is that developing and increasing this EQ capacity in yourself is something you can learn. This capacity is not restricted only to psychiatrists or other medical doctors. You can discover ways to learn this capability, too, even if you have no university degrees at all.

One additional and highly annoying truth is that this capability may not necessarily come to you from book learning. So, did you invest your money on a college education? Some people may be able to develop this capacity from learning lessons in life through interpersonal trial and error without ever having set foot on any college campus.

If you are one of those people who do not care whether you demonstrate sufficient EQ, and, you want to develop your own personal brand, stop reading this right now. Just stop.

At the core of this whole subject of your internal characteristics is the matter of choice and mental attitude. You can make certain, specific choices about how you present yourself outwardly. But, this will only be possible for you if you first achieve the appropriate mental attitude about yourself.

As an example, let’s say that you genuinely feel fearful of new situations in public, and, meeting with people you have never met causes you dread. You must learn to become aware of your specific fears about unfamiliar interpersonal situations and strangers. Once you have become aware of your specific fears in this sense, only then will you be able to construct an appropriate mental attitude to address your specific fears.

You can, for instance, develop the appropriate mental attitude that you are going to go out and meet and interact with people who are strangers and survive those interpersonal situations with dignity and strength and even a few laughs. Unless you first develop that specific mental attitude, you are very likely to suffer emotionally under the strains and pressures of those interpersonal situations in which you are required to meet and interact with people who are strangers.

* * * Follow Up * * *

Now that you have seen this free, no obligation preview, I hope you will consider selecting me to be your coach and trainer on a one-to-basis.

This training and coaching I provide only costs just $29.99 for a downloadable digital product that comes with one full year of one-to-one mentoring with me to help you become more successful at work in the cannabis industry.

This package deal (downloadable digital product for any device plus one-to-one personalized mentoring) for only $29.99 will give you a strong competitive edge over others, plus this choice will SAVE YOU MONEY compared to spending hundreds of dollars on other available cannabis education and training now available. You get these specific benefits:

  • personalized, customized mind voice training
  • step-by-step instructions for how to use mind voice tactics
  • Emotional Quotient (EQ) training and coaching
  • communications training--how best to use your voice at work
  • consultative sales methods for winning over customers from all generations

The focus is upon consultative selling—also known as relationship selling—designed and implemented to win over customers from all generations instead of focusing on cannabis products, themselves. Most people who sell cannabis products today tend to focus upon selling cannabis products, themselves, as compared to consultative cannabis sales.
While this product emphasis will work well in the opening years of a new cannabis business in a local area, in the real world as competition grows, cannabis products will not "sell themselves" to consumers beyond the first few years of legalized retail cannabis sales. The market inevitably will mature and the initial sales tactics that emphasis products will become outdated if not completely obsolete. Make something of yourself now. Jump in today ahead of others to this important, proven knowledge about creating relationships in your cannabis sales efforts and make that knowledge work for you to boost your professional success!

Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching

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Included with this training and coaching product is one full year of one-to-one, personalized mentoring with Dr. Woody Goulart who will help you become more successful at work in the cannabis industry.
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